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Aquaria is the stunning show by Drumatical Theatre
Dana the most beautiful pearl from Aquaria by Drumatical Theatre
Fire shows off its prowess for the Goddess Aquaria
A stunning depiction of the undersea world in Aquaria
Viktor works at his forge for Aquaria in the brilliant show by Tom and Domino Blue of Drumatical Theatre
Viktor is tasked with making the most beautiful pearl
Viktor presents his gift to Aquaria
A scene from Aquaria by Drumatical Theatre created by Tom and Domino Blue
The sailors arrive in search of Dana in a scene from Aquaria by Drumatical Theatre
Superb acrobatic performances feature throughout this tale of Aquaria by Drumatical Theatre
The water element shows off for Aquaria
Dana the Pearl is captured by sailors in a scene from Aquaria


Aquaria by Drumatical Theatre

In the boundless expanses of online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win australia, the goddess of the deep sea, alte automatenspiele kostenlos.

Every year around this time Aquaria gathers her subjects in the Coral Palace to celebrate a rousing feast and this time there is said to be a very deposit £5 get free spins.

The four elements – fire, water, earth and air are to measure their exceptional strengths in a noble contest and offer their most valuable characteristics as a gift to the deep sea goddess.

From these noble gifts Aquaria is to create an all-outshining symbol for the magnificence and beauty of her empire.

It is to be a pearl - as pure as the water, as light as the wind, as fiery as the flames and as eternal as the earth.

Aquaria commissions Viktor, the best pearl-maker in her underwater empire, to create this pearl Dana in his underwater fire forge.

She hands over the four gifts from the elements to him and Viktor and his fiery helpers get down to work.

The saga of Dana, the most beautiful and noble of all pearls, spreads like wildfire among the ship captains and sailors. Finding this noble treasure would not only promise immeasurable wealth but moreover also unlimited power.

And so it was only a question of time before the first seafarers discovered the best-kept hiding place in the coral bay beyond the scalaric depths.

Incensed by this bold robbery, the deep sea goddess rose up from her underwater volcano, accompanied by blazing, all-consuming flames, she called the army of the 4 elements and all their water creatures together and she grouped them to fight against the brazen intruders and to free her beloved pearl Dana.

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Drumatical Theatre

Established in the year 2000 by Tom & Domino Blue.

Since its inception Drumatical has created a range breathtaking, powerful shows featuring percussion, modern and classical dance and classical vocals. In an exciting crossover drumming choreography artists frequently move in perfect tune with the language of rhythm and light.

Tom Blue is a Director, Composer and Producer who has been responsible for hundreds of shows in venues as diverse as the Guggenheim Museum, New York and The WTA Tennis Finals in Doha. He was also responsible for the TV opening ceremony of the Nordic Skiing World Championships in 1999.

Domino Blue is a gifted actress, dancer and singer - with many years of classical voice training to her credit. She is a graduate of the Vienna Conservatory of Music, she was a member of the Vienna Opera Ensemble for four years, and has recorded under the direction of Herbert von Karajan.

Whether or not she performs herself in the productions, she dictates the highest artistic and performance standards of herself and of her performers.

Highlights of 2012

___01.12 1st Youth Olympic Torch Tour, Innsbruck 2012

___01.12 Cirque Nouvel – Oasis, Arena Nova Wiener Neustadt

07.01.12 29th International January Rallye, Freistadt

14.01.12 Follow Youth – Braga 2012, Braga (POR)

14.01.12 Mecs Gwiazd – Basketball All-Star-Game, Katowice (POL)

19.01.12 Wiener Eistraum – Polaris, Rathausplatz Vienna

24.02.12 Masters of Dirt, Stadthalle Vienna

25.02.12 Masters of Dirt, Stadthalle Vienna

26.02.12 Masters of Dirt, Stadthalle Vienna

14.03.12 Garten Eden Clubbing, Arena Nova Wiener Neustadt

23.03.12 Company Event, Tivoli Dome Cairo (EGY)

07.04.12 Circus of Rock, Gasometer Vienna

08.04.12 Circus of Rock, Gasometer Vienna

14.04.12 Circus of Rock, Sporthalle Salzburg

15.04.12 Circus of Rock, Sporthalle Salzburg

20.04.12 Company Event, Dresden (GER)

16.05.12 Real Madrid vs. Kuwait, Kaifan Stadium Kuwait (KUW)

19.05.12 Company Event, Budapest (HUN)

19.05.12 Life Ball Opening, Rathausplatz Vienna

15.06.12 Company Event, Wroclaw (POL)

23.06.12 Badfest, Piesting

30.06.12 17 Tage Alles Bühne, Scheibbs

30.06.12 Made in Japan, Stadttheater Wr. Neustadt

07.07.12 NV Arena Opening, St. Pölten

07.07.12 Open Air-Event, Mandarin Oriental Residences, Bodrum (TUR)

13.07.12 Open Air-Event, Porto Marina, Alexandria (EGY)

04.08.12 “Seer” Open Air, Grundlsee

10.08.12 Scalaria Aquaria, St. Wolfgang

11.08.12 Scalaria Aquaria, St. Wolfgang

01.09.12 Summerslide Festival, Kirchberg/Wechsel

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* Matinée shows are available on most Wednesday and Saturdays - please check with the venue


Aquaria by Drumatical Theatre : Earth

Aquaria by Drumatical Theatre : Earth

Aquaria by Drumatical Theatre : Water.mov

Aquaria by Drumatical Theatre : Water.mov

Aquaria UK Teaser

Aquaria UK Teaser

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